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Swamp Coolers

The Technical term for the Swamp Cooler is the Evaporative Cooler. Its cooling effect is accomplished by forcing the evaporation of water from a wetted pad with a stream of dry air. As the water evaporates the air temperature is dropped, creating an efficient cooling source.

Evaporative cooling utilizes much less electricity than conventional air conditioning systems and is frequently preferred to refrigerated air conditioning due to the elevated presence of moisture.

In areas where relative humidity is high these systems exhibit some limitations when indoor humidity is driven to uncomfortable levels.

Many variations of this principle are in use today.

These are products commonly recommended by Lincoln Heating and Air Conditioning.

Air Filters

The primary function of air filters is to protect heating and cooling equipment from accumulation of air borne debris. When fans or heat exchanger coils become clogged with dust, equipment efficiency diminishes and can stop functioning all together. For this purpose, filters should be kept in place and changed regularly.

Pleated air filter medias are an effective way of straining more particles from the air. While this has its benefits for house keeping, the loss of circulation from a more restrictive filter can itself have detrimental effects.

Heating and cooling professionals performing Regular check-ups can confirm proper air flows as prescribed by equipment manufacturers and make recommendations for improvement.

High Efficiency Air Filters

High efficiency air filtration is available to benefit those with allergies and other respiratory ailments. Extreme care should be taken to design any such feature into your heating system so that the operation and upkeep are understood.