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Making Every Penny Count! 24/7
Making Every Penny Count! 24/7

Cooling Maintenance

Sign up for our Presidential Maintenance Plan today by contacting our office at the link below!

Dependable Air Conditioning Maintenance in Reno and Sparks!

We all love summer time, that is, if we can keep the heat outside where it belongs. Losing your cooling on a hot summer day makes us… love summer less. Unfortunately, the fact is that the hottest part of the year is exactly when your air conditioner is most likely to quit working because that’s when it is under the most strain. That’s the bad news, the good news, there is something you can do about it. Get a Presidential Maintenance Plan from Lincoln Heating & Air!

Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Regular filter changes are essential to a systems proper operation. Unchanged filters or even worse removed filters without replacement will cause problems for your air conditioner. Having a regular maintenance plan, or as we call it here at Lincoln Heating and Air, a Presidential Plan comes with several advantages.

Reasons to have Regular Maintenance on your Heating System.

1. Prevent Major Breakdowns with Manageable Preventative Repair.

Prevention of serious failure to your cooling system is very possible. It just requires regular maintenance. Of course nothing is a 100% guarantee, but it does significantly reduce the chances that your air conditioner will suddenly fail, and it always seems to happen at the worst moments! Our Presidential Maintenance Plan relies on taking electrical readings from the air conditioner components and tracking them over time. With these trends in the electrical readings we can often predict failure before it happens, because the readings tell us a story. For example if the run capacitor (a device that your motor needs to operate) is showing a microfarad reading below its specification we can be pretty sure it is on the road to failure. If we have measured its microfarad reading over the last 3 years we can see the trend and will be positive whether it is holding at that reading or is declining and needs to be replaced. This is one major advantage to regular maintenance.


2. Prolong your Equipment’s Efficiency

Today’s air conditioning equipment is made much more efficient than in the past. On the other hand, it is much more dependent on continued maintenance and the quality of installation to achieve the high efficiency ratings. There are many more safety apparatuses and sensors than in an old classic systems. By closely monitoring these features you help your air conditioner operate at peak performance. The biggest thing you can do to protect your air conditioning systems efficiency is to ensure a clean air filter is in place. Our Presidential Maintenance Plan can serve as a reminder for you to change the filters at appropriate intervals so there is one less thing for you to keep track of in your busy schedule. 


3. Protect your Equipments Warranty

In almost all warranties for cooling equipment and labor warranties, it states that regular maintenance of the equipment is a condition of the warranty. It’s a simple thing to overlook with serious potential consequences that just aren’t worth the risk.



Our Presidential Plan comes with excellent perks! When you sign up you are getting more than maintenance, you’re getting an exclusive level of service. Maintenance at a discounted rate, 15% discounts on all repairs, and priority scheduling when you need service. It will get done faster for less!

Sign up for our Presidential Maintenance Plan today by contacting our office at the link below!

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How can we help?