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For more than 25 years, we’ve been reputed as a one-stop shop for home and business owners searching for an outstanding cooling service provider in Sparks, NV.

We specialize in installing, repairing, and maintaining HVAC equipment of any type, size, and brand from evaporative coolers, heat pump systems to mini-split systems making us a leading contractor in the city and the nearby areas within Nevada.

Cooling Options In Sparks!

There are many cooling options to consider to keep your home cozy including mini-splits, evaporative coolers, and heat pumps.

But which is the best option? Here, you will know the pros and cons of each cooling system. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Evaporative Coolers

Sparks, NV get hot during summer and a highly efficient air conditioner like evaporative coolers will be a good investment. They can cool your home effectively without breaking your bank or accumulating high monthly electric costs.

Although their design is pretty straightforward, they’re reliable when the temperatures in increase. They can provide enough conditioned cold air that you and your family need, helping every household member beat the heat as planned.

Unlike traditional air conditioners, evaporative coolers don’t come with a bulky duct network, making them a perfect option for those who live in an apartment. They are space-saving, easy to install, and simple to maintain.

However, evaporative coolers are not ideal for places with extended periods of extreme heat like Phoenix and Las Vegas. Plus, they don’t operate well in humid areas.

Heat Pump Systems

Looking for versatile HVAC equipment? Your long search is over with our heat pump systems. They can either cool or heat your home in winter or summer without a high electric cost. So, if you have a pile of unpaid energy bills, a heat pump is an excellent alternative you can’t afford to miss.

Another thing homeowners love about heat pumps is that they are environmentally friendly and can reduce carbon emissions because they don’t use any fossil fuel. They are also safer for those with asthma and other serious allergy symptoms.

But when the temperatures outside drop very low, it can be challenging for the units to keep up with your home’s specific heating demands. For that, you still need to invest in a  furnace.  

Mini-Split Systems

Tired of ducted HVAC equipment? If yes, mini-split systems will be your best bet. Similar to evaporative coolers, they can perform even without a heavy duct network and are a right choice for those who don’t have a large space at home.

Despite their compact size, ductless air conditioners offer flexible zoning. That means they can provide enough cold air whether you’re in the kitchen or the living room. No wonder they have taken the world by storm.

What’s more, mini splits are convenient to install and provide a quieter operation than heat pumps or evaporative coolers.

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So, what’s your choice? Whether it’s an evaporative cooler or ductless air conditioner, we, at Lincoln Heating & Air can have it installed with attention to detail and 100% client satisfaction in mind.

Aside from installation, we also specialize in other cooling services in Sparks, NV, including a fine tune-up, repair, or replacement. Contact us at (775) 984-8010 to schedule an appointment!

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