Making Every Penny Count! 24/7

Making Every Penny Count!

Lincoln Heating & Air provides an essential service to northern Nevada communities facing the present health concerns. We are open for business and prepared to serve you in a safe and responsible manner.

Our technicians have received training on the recommendations from the American Center for Disease Control (CDC) in dealing with this pandemic and are observing the following precautions:

  1. Our staff is politely declining to shake hands
  2. For our mutual protection, our staff will require that the recommended physical distancing of 6 ft be observed.
  3. Our technicians are using disinfectants, gloves, eye protection, and respirators as recommended for COVID-19 containment.
  4. If anyone on our staff is not feeling well or if anyone in their home is not feeling well, they will stay home.
  5. If you or anyone in your household is not feeling well, please call our office at (775) 359-1985 and reschedule your appointment.


Additionally, to ensure that those most vulnerable have a safe and affordable service provider available, Lincoln Heating & Air is waiving diagnosis, travel, and emergency fees for people over age 65 for the foreseeable future.

Lincoln Heating & Air also offers indoor air quality products proven to effectively neutralize viruses. We are protecting our office with these products and are offering a 40% discount on all indoor air quality products to make them affordable and available to all.

Lincoln Heating & Air is proud to stand with our community during this health crisis.


Robert Quirk


Lincoln Heating & Air

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