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Making Every Penny Count! 24/7
Making Every Penny Count! 24/7

Emergency Cooling Services

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Dependable Cooling Repair in Reno and Sparks!

Lincoln Heating and Air provides 24 hour emergency service to our customers. If your air conditioner or cooling system goes out you have someone to turn to any time of day. We offer holiday calls, afterhours calls, and weekend calls. 

It seems Murphy’s law works overtime during cooling season. The air conditioning failures always seem to happen at the worst moments. Honestly though, it’s what we should expect. Equipment is most likely to fail while it is under the most strain. It’s why a we provide 24 hour service. You can’t really meet your customers needs unless you do. So when you’re cooler quits and your about to endure a sweltering stretch of time, Cut it short. Call our 24 hour service. Or when you’re in the middle of the hottest day of the summer and your air conditioner breaks (Yeah it happens all the time) you don’t have to suffer through the hot night. We’re ready to respond and get your cooling up and running.

What if you could prevent the failure from happening in the first place? You can with our Presidential Maintenance Plan. Maintenance Plans are a great way to predict and address weaknesses in your cooling system to keep them from failing in the first place. Plus, our plan comes with great perks like priority scheduling and discounts.

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How can we help?

How can we help?