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Winter in Verdi, NV can get really cold; that’s why you need to get your home ready for the chilly season. It’s coldest in Verdi in December, but the cold weather usually lingers until March of the following year. It comes again in November. While there are no rules as to when you should start preparing, the best time is now. It’s nearing the less cold season, so take this time to prepare for the next winter cycle. 

With a freezing temperature in the coldest season, you can say that not having a boiler system will not only leave you feeling cold but will also allow the cold weather to take its toll on your health. 

The cold weather can cause diseases and problems ranging from common colds, high blood pressure, pneumonia, heart attacks, and even winter deaths. If you still have not replaced your heating system, it is time to call for Lincoln Heating & Air for heating repair in Verdi, NV

Heating Repair Verdi

Signs That Your Heating System Needs Urgent Repair

It’s ideal for replacing your heating system before the last liter of water is heated. The heating repair experts are more than ready to offer their services. Yet, before you make the call, check first if these top three signs are noticeable. Any of these may mean you need to have your boiler and home heating system replaced immediately. 

A Sudden Spike In Your Gas And Electricity Bills 

Electricity, gas, and other utility bills tend to fluctuate from time to time. Then again, if you see a sudden surge in these bills and you find these unusual, the culprit might be your hot faulty heating and boiler system. 

Worn-out heating systems will no longer perform efficiently. They will need extra energy to keep with your household’s daily heating needs most of the time. 

There Is Water Leakage Near The Storage Tank

You can tell that it is time to call for heating repair in Verdi, NV if you spot a water leakage near the storage tank. Leakages are often indicative of a cracked or worn storage tank. Aside from that, condensation or steam build-up can cause the leak. This means the thermostat is no longer working, and the system seals are also faulty. 

Water leakage is a serious concern because it is not only a sign of a failing water heating or boiler system. It calls for urgent professional advice. Since these systems are typically housed in laundries and garages, there is a higher risk for electrocution due to other appliances nearby. If you observe an excessive amount of leaking water, switch off your home electricity and call for a hot water system technician. 

You hear unusually loud and strange noises

A healthy and efficient heating system produces no sound, except for the soft hum as soon as its operating system gets turned on or off. This means that if you hear an unusually loud or strange noise like hissing, groaning, or clanking, that means you have a problem with the system. 

The culprit behind these noises is broken or loose parts or sediments that built-up over time. Sometimes, this can be resolved by flushing the system or repairing it. However, in most cases, it means you need to replace your water heating system. 

Choose Lincoln Heating & Air For Your Heating and Boiler System Repair Needs 

Now that you know the signs that you need to have your system replaced, it is time to take action. Choose Lincoln Heating & Air for heating repair in Verdi, NV. We’re available 24/7, so you won’t have to wait before your heating systems fully function. 

Call us at (775) 359-1985 today and have your home prepared for the cold season.

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