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Making Every Penny Count! 24/7

Other Cooling Services

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Dependable Cooling Options in Reno and Sparks!

There are many technologies today for keeping your house cool. Lincoln Heating & Air is at the forefront of all of them. We are qualified and prepared to deal with any of your cooling needs.

Other Cooling Options
  • Evaporative Coolers (Swamp Coolers)
  • Heat Pump Systems
  • Mini Split Systems
  • Evaporative Coolers

evaporative coolersEvaporative coolers, often times called swamp coolers, are a great option for keeping cool in northern Nevada. The climate we live in is so dry that cooling via an evaporative cooler is actually better here than any other part of the country. Evaporative coolers have two main limitations. The first is that they do not work well in humid areas. The second is that they do not operate as well in places with extended periods of extreme heat like Las Vegas or Phoenix. Reno, Sparks, and the surrounding areas are very dry and while this area certainly gets very hot it does not stay that way for months on end making our area prime territory for using an evaporative cooler.

Evaporative coolers are a cost effective way to cool your home. Evaporative coolers have a pan that automatically fills with water. It replenishes the water in the pan as it evaporates and cools the air. A pump moves water from the pan up some tubes and releases the water across the cooler pads. The pad absorbs the water and gravity takes any remaining water back to the pan. The blower then pulls air through the wet pads, cooling the air and evaporating some of the water. The higher humidity, cooler air then pumps into your house cooling the rooms. The cooled and humid air moving across your skin is a great feeling on a hot day. For a swamp cooler to work most effectively you should open a window or two in the house. Windows farther away from the cooler work best. That allows the cool air to pass through the house and cooling a larger area and preventing static build-up of air.

We install and service all brands of swamp coolers. Most swamp coolers have a fairly basic design but like most other types of equipment technology keeps improving and allowing for higher efficiencies. Depending on how efficient and customizable you want your swamp cooler to be we generally use Champion or Breezair coolers.

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  • Heat Pump Systems

Heat Pump SystemsDespite what the name might make you think, a heat pump will both heat and cool your house. It functions like a two directional air conditioner. Instead of being limited to the function of  removing heat from inside the house to outdoors. It also has the capability of moving heat from outside to the indoors. The main limitation to a heat pump is that when the temperatures outside drop very low. When there is very little heat in the air, it can be hard for the heat pump to keep up with the heating demand inside the house. One way to address this weakness is to install a heat pump with your traditional furnace. This will allow you to capture the energy efficiency of the heat pump and use the gas furnace on those days where temperatures drop extremely low.

A heat pump is a very energy efficient way to heat and cool your home. Principally because it does not use its energy source to directly create heat. It uses heat that is already in the air and moves it to another location. This approach saves a lot of money on an energy bill. That being said these systems are more technologically advanced than a standard air conditioning system and therefore come with a higher cost up front. If you are thinking long term, the efficiency will save you money in the end.

Heat pumps also have the advantage of humidity control. In the summer months the system will dehumidify your home keeping it comfortable. Conversely, in the winter it won’t dry out the air like a traditional gas furnace.

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  • Mini Split Systems

mini split systems

Mini Splits are air conditioning and heating apparatuses. The design allows for indoor heads to individually connect to an outdoor unit. The indoor units hat cool the air as it passes through them. Then the refrigerant in the system carries the heat outdoors to be discharged at the outdoor unit.

This system uses no duct work. In fact they are commonly called ductless mini split systems. No duct work means that they don’t lose any efficiency from air leaks in the duct. Instead of one central coil cooling the air as it is carried from around the house, there is a coil inside each head unit. These units cool each individual room instead of pushing cold air through a duct system to each rooms. There are many advantages to this setup. They are generally easier to install and less intrusive than a full centralized system install. They allow specified settings for each room, and they are very quiet and energy efficient. They are also heat pumps. Which means they can be used to heat and cool the home.

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