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Other Services Provided by Lincoln Heating & Air

We, at Lincoln Heating & Air, don’t only specialize in HVAC repair, maintenance, or replacement but also provide the best  HVAC service in Sparks, NV.

We specifically have in-depth expertise in dealing with projects that involve a water heater, indoor air quality, thermostats, and gas lines, making us a one-stop-shop for home and business owners out there.

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Water Heater

The colder months in Nevada can be mild, but nevertheless chilly. This makes a warm bath all the more important. Luckily, there are water heaters that you can use, helping you enjoy a warm and relaxing bath.

But like any other appliance, water heaters are likely to break down over time, requiring a replacement and, as a homeowner, you want the job to be as stress-free as possible. The experts at Lincoln Heating & Air can help and turn that into a reality.

When water heaters don’t work as they should be, there could be many underlying causes, such as a loose in-line valve, and a low supply of hot water. Thus, a thorough inspection is necessary and we can guarantee to inspect every component of your unit carefully.

Air Quality

One of the primary components of an HVAC is the filtration system. As the name implies, it filters the pet danger, pollen, or dust out of the air that you breathe at home. But it would start to accumulate excess dirt over time and a quality filtration unit can be a lifesaver.

Also, there are different options you can weigh in mind, such as pleated and HEPA filters. Pleated filtration systems have been gaining immense popularity in the US for a reason. Aside from filtering small particles like mold spores, they can last longer as they are made from polyester folds, cotton, and other sturdy materials.

On the contrary, HEPA filters are recommended for those who suffer from extreme respiratory problems, such as asthma and other allergies. Experts say they can screen up to 99.7% of mold, bacteria, and dust out of the air. Unfortunately, they can limit the airflow in your HVAC system.

So, which is better? If you encounter some trouble choosing the right filter for your specific home needs, Lincoln Heating & Air can lend you a hand and make the best product recommendations for free.


What’s the HVAC component that allows you to set the temperature you want? It’s the thermostat. That’s why you have to buy one that’s efficient and of high-quality.

Like the filtration systems, it comes in different types, such as programmable and smart thermostats. If you want something that can adjust to your daily patterns automatically, you can never go wrong with a programmable thermostat.

But for those who prefer a more intuitive and advanced alternative, a smart thermostat should be on top of your list. However, it is not suitable for those who are on a budget.

Gas Lines

Our team of technicians is also trained and certified to install gas lines and above-ground fuel tanks with our client’s safety, satisfaction, and requirements in mind. Plus, we get the job done quickly and right the first time.

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