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According to the  World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 7 million people die annually from exposure to particles in polluted indoor or outdoor air. So, it’s important to make the indoor air quality in Sparks, NV a priority.

But you can’t do it alone. Don’t worry because Lincoln Heating & Air has your back! We can help your family breathe healthy, clean air with our certified and dependable IAQ service and products.

Air Quality Services in Reno, NV

Air Quality Services In Sparks and Surrounding Communities

No matter the season, HVAC systems make your home cozy! They also eliminate the allergens in the air we breath, thanks to the filtration units.

However, these filters may start to accumulate excess dirt that could compromise your indoor air quality. That’s why they need to be cleaned and replaced at least every 90 days.

When looking for a longer-lasting and more efficient filter, our team of technicians provides product recommendations that will allow you to make a decision with confidence.

Aside from the filtration system, there are other pieces of equipment designed to protect your home from any harmful pollutants including ion air purifiers and humidifiers. Also, if you encounter some trouble choosing the right brand for your specific needs, we’ll lend you a hand.

Our IAQ Products

You’ve probably searched for indoor air quality products. There are multiple options to consider, right?  How’s the experience? It’s tricky to narrow down the right IAQ product, but don’t worry any longer! We recommend the best options available below.

Air Purifiers

iWave-R and APCO are the two common air purifiers homeowners love in Sparks.

Both of these appliances can effectively reduce the levels of viruses, mold, odors, and allergens in the air. But iWave-R uses ions while  APCO employs a combination of UV-C light and activated carbon.  

So, whatever your choice, you can be sure to invest in a quality and lasting air purifier. If you also need a quick installation, don’t forget that the experts at Lincoln Heating & Air are just a phone call away.


Most air in Northern Nevada is dry, so don’t be surprised when your home’s humidity levels drop too low. But that won’t be a problem with an efficient humidifier. We highly recommend Aprilaire 800LC.

Once installed, Aprilaire 800LC can bring back the right amount of humidity within your living space in no time.

How about the maintenance? Well, Aprilaire 800LC is not tricky to clean. But DIY cleaning is not advisable when you don’t have any prior experience or the necessary tools.  It’s best to leave the job to an expert.

Air Filtration

One of the primary components of an HVAC is a filter. It specifically prevents dirt, dust, and other debris from accumulating inside your duct network. But its functionality may change after some time and a quality replacement like Aprilaire 2410 or a high-efficiency air filter is needed. Contact us for more information on our air filtration installation service.

Risks Of Poor Indoor Air Quality In Your Sparks’ Home

Poor indoor air quality in Sparks is something you can’t take lightly because, it can put you and your family in great danger.

Here are some other risks of poor IAQ:

  • It can cause Serious headaches, confusion, dizziness, fatigue, and nausea
  • Prolonged exposure leading to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases
  • Frequent HVAC breakdowns and repairs

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Is there a buildup of dust in your vents? Are some of your rooms colder or warmer than others? Whatever the case may be, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Lincoln Heating & Air! We provide thorough filter cleaning and install IAQ products homeowners trust! Call us at (775) 984-8010 to get started!

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