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Making Every Penny Count! 24/7
Making Every Penny Count! 24/7

About Us

Lincoln Heating & Air in Reno & Sparks, NV

Abraham Lincoln encouraged us all to reach our potential when he said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” As a company, we strive to follow his advice. That, coupled with hard work, integrity, and ensuring that our customers get the best value possible has made Lincoln Heating “a good one”, in fact, it has made Lincoln Heating the best! And that’s why the Nevada Small Business Administration named us the Nevada Family Owned Small Business of the Year.

(Owners, Robert and Danielle Quirk at the Small Business Administration award ceremony accepting the Nevada Family Owned Business of the Year Award.)

Lincoln Heating & Air started in 1993. The mission was to bring high value heating and air conditioning to our community and provide for a growing family. We’ve been blessed to grow that dream year over year now for more than 25 years.  We truly are a family business. Started to support a family, run by family, and now grown to support the families of our team and to bring heating and cooling to your family.  Over the years all six of the Quirks children have worked in the family business along with Roberts brother David and a long list of nieces, nephews, brothers-in-law, etc. More than 15 in all. Robert and Danielle’s son Kenneth has joined the Lincoln Heating & Air team as General Manager.

(Robert and Kenneth in 2010)

(Robert and Kenneth in 2020)

Lincoln Heating & Air was founded with a focus on family, work, and community and is named in honor of the great president Abraham Lincoln. This iconic name represents integrity and industry which are values we strive to uphold in all of our business dealings. We take this pledge seriously and believe we have earned an honorable reputation with the public over the past 25 plus years in business. We are a Better Business Bureau gold star recipient.

After graduating from Education Dynamics Institute in Las Vegas, NV, owner Robert Quirk, started his career in the heating and air conditioning field. In 1993, he received his contractor’s license and along with his wife Danielle, decided to launch a business of their own. Today Lincoln Heating and Air is a thriving, growing, and developing business with a strong base of loyal customers.

Serving the greater Reno / Sparks area, we strive to be the company to count on for all heating and cooling needs. Our technicians are skilled, proficient, and expert in the field to readily assist our customers. When contacting Lincoln Heating Air a friendly professional will respond to discuss specific customer needs and schedule an immediate appointment. A comprehensive assessment of the stated problem will be developed to meet each specific customer need.

Whether it’s a furnace, air conditioner, or water heater needing attention, consumers can be confident they have contacted a reliable company. No matter the extent of the customer needs, our team will go above and beyond to create a personalized experience and satisfactory resolution of problems.

Meet the Quirks:

Robert Quirk moved to Sparks, NV at the age of 14 and graduated from Sparks high school in 1977. School had been difficult for him and in his mind was something to be avoided. Growing weary of dead end jobs and low pay he decided to pursue additional education. His struggles continued however, and he failed his classes. Not admitting defeat, he repeated the classes again and again until eventually at the age of 23 he experienced his first academic triumph!

Robert met his wife, Danielle Hansen, at a church activity in the two were married in 1984. Struggling to determine which career path to pursue, he decided to take a chance on a trade school. The young couple soon moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where Robert attended the Education Dynamic Institute. For the first time in his life, he found school could be a place of learning rather than a place of humiliation. He decided on a vocation in heating and air conditioning. After graduation, their first child was born and they decided to move back to Sparks Nevada where Robert began his career in the heating and air conditioning field.  By 1993 with four small children to support, he acquired his contractors license, left a stable job as a service technician and with nothing more than an old, red Chevy van, (and filled with useful confidence and a dream of owning their own business), Lincoln Heating & Air began. The challenges of raising a young family and starting a business were truly difficult, the office nothing more than a kitchen table and the struggle continued for years. But with Roberts’s strong work ethic and devotion to family an example of a true American success story became a reality.

The business grew each year and became successful. While life does not always allow perfect balance between work and family Robert sees his greatest accomplishments in his six children who are proud to call him their father. “The sacrifices of the business to raise my son and daughters have been worth it. Growth of the company may have been delayed in some respects but I have no regrets as the rapid growth of my young children never slowed. “Robert’s first priority has always been as husband and father as he worked to build a successful company. “It has been my biggest challenge in life to balance work and family but I have no regrets. Hard work pays off.” Today Robert also has 6 grandchildren who call him Papa.

Robert embraces the principles of the Boy Scouts of America and became an Eagle Scout in 1977. He has devoted many years as a scoutmaster and has enjoyed helping boys become strong, confident, capable young men and leading them on many challenging excursions. He has assisted many boys attain the rank of Eagle Scout, including his own son. Having five daughters, Robert has lead various young women groups on camping, backpacking, and canoeing adventures as well. Robert is known as a passionate individual with a tremendous sense of humor (often known to pull pranks) and is well respected and loved by the youth with whom he has the privilege of working. He is a popular teacher and gifted speaker.

(The Quirks six children over the years)

Danielle Quirk is a native Nevadan and attended Washoe county schools. She graduated from Sparks high school in 1981. She and Robert have been married 35 years and are parents of six children and are thrilled to have six grandchildren. Danielle spends most of her time as a devoted mother constantly involved in the activities of her children, running the family business, and is heavily vested in church and youth programs. She has lead the LDS Sparks, Nevada stake youth sports program and is a Director and committee member for Bucks Lake Girls Camp and various other organizations. Danielle is passionate about life and her family, and being highly patriotic participates in civic and political affairs.

As co-owners of Lincoln Heating & Air, Danielle and Robert have shared the company responsibilities. Danielle has been a full business partner with her husband from the start. Robert holds the contractor’s license and has the technical expertise which allows him to oversee the sales, service, and installation departments. Danielle is responsible for all office staff and streamlining office procedures, establishing protocols, implementing staff meetings and training, customizing uniforms and logos, developing advertising programs, forming committees, and oversees all bookkeeping and accounting processes. Together they try to balance the responsibilities of owning a small business with the demands of raising a family.

Danielle enjoys being active and if ever has a spare moment would love to be walking her dogs, riding a horse, or riding a trail bike in the beautiful Nevada desert. Her favorite place to vacation is enjoying Lake Tahoe with her family. She resides with her husband Robert in Spanish Springs, NV.

What makes Lincoln Heating & Air a success?

Our foundation is built upon the ideals of President Abraham Lincoln. We have earned an honorable reputation over the past 25 plus years. We are experts in our field and recognize work is more than HVAC systems; it is providing aid, relief, and comfort for people. Employees are valuable, talented team members; ideas are encouraged and implemented. Our unique marketing strategy increases sales as we enjoy creativity sharing tidbits of history or promoting ideals a spouse by Abraham Lincoln. Progress is measured in small steps, setbacks do not deter us they make us more determined to overcome. We enjoy our work.

Lincoln Heating & Air has grown from the bottom up. Started at a kitchen table it eventually grew to a home office. The next big step was moving out of the house to a 700 square foot building. Today we are blessed to have our office at 1520 Glendale Ave in the heart of industrial Sparks. This growth has been fueled by our high value, high integrity approach to all our dealings.


 (Old Office on Wright Way)

(New Office at 1520 Glendale Ave)

Lincoln Heating & Air is a factory authorized Rheem dealer.

How can we help?

How can we help?