Air Cleaner Installation in Reno, NV

An air cleaner installation can significantly reduce symptoms if you or someone in the house has allergies. Call Lincoln Heating & Air in Reno, NV, today for more information.

The average American spends about 90% of their time inside, so indoor air must be as clean as possible. Unfortunately, indoor air is often more polluted than outside. Lincoln Heating & Air is the go-to local professional air quality company in Reno, NV.

We’ve proudly served the community for nearly thirty years and stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Lincoln Heating & Air Air quality services

Besides an air purifier, our expert filter replacement can help clean indoor air.

Reno, NV, Whole House Air Cleaner Installation Service

If you’re concerned about your home’s air quality, installing an air cleaning system has several benefits.

  • Cleaner Indoor Air: Whole-house air cleaners are highly effective at removing a wide range of airborne contaminants, including dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and even some bacteria. This helps maintain a clean, healthy indoor environment.
  • Allergy and Asthma Relief: A whole-house air cleaner can reduce allergens and alleviate most symptoms for people suffering from allergies or respiratory conditions like asthma.
  • HVAC Protection: Whole-house air cleaners also protect your HVAC system by capturing and removing particles before they accumulate, which can cause it to fail prematurely.