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Lincoln Stories

Lincoln Heating & Air takes Abraham Lincoln as our mentor. We heed his advice, follow his examples in our daily workplace, and strive to uphold his values in all of our business dealings. And now, we want to share some of his stories with you.

Who Is Abraham Lincoln?

For those who stumbled upon our website and found these Lincoln stories but wonder who this man is, allow us to introduce him.

Born in 1809 to a family of poor farmers in Kentucky, Abraham Lincoln rose from being an unknown to being one of the most famous — if not the most famous — man in America.

He was elected 16th president of the United States on November 6, 1860. His connection with his people was so strong and compelling that they felt as if he was one of them and thus helped him become the president.

We’ve created and compiled 1-minute-long audio of stories from the incredible man that you can listen to while waiting on the other line. 


These are the local Reno and Sparks stations where you can find our Lincoln stories:

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