This will take you directly to the application. If you have any questions about how it works, please give us a call. We can also mail you a hard copy of the terms and conditions pamphlet for your review. The submittal of this application does not initiate a binding contract; it simply lets us know what program(s) you qualify for. Upon the approval of the application, we currently offer the following three programs:

5.99% APR until paid in full (minimum monthly payment of 3.000%)

9.99% APR until paid in full (minimum monthly payment of 1.250%)

18-month deferred interest (minimum monthly payments of 2.500%)

Additionally, for qualifying equipment during Rheem’s Pro Partner Promotional Period we can offer…

36-month no monthly interest until paid in full (minimum monthly payments of 2.778%)

Once you receive the results of your application, please give us a call. The office will need the following information: the account number, credit limit, and program you wish to utilize. Please let us know if you have any questions! (775) 359-1985 or

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