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Affordable and Professional Thermostats In Sparks, NV

A thermostat is one of the major components of an air conditioning or heating unit. Its core function is to control when your HVAC is on and allows you to set your desired temperature with ease.

So, when searching for a thermostat, make sure it’s efficient. With the variety of options, it’s overwhelming to find the right choice, though. But the experts at Lincoln Heating & Air will make the process stress-free.

Thermostats – Take Your Comfort Control On the Go

Gone are the days when you have to wake up at night to set your thermostat manually. Today’s thermostats can be programmed according to your daily habits, taking your comfort to the next level.

If you’re used to a manual thermostat, you may find a programmable thermostat tricky to use. But we, at Lincoln Heating & Air, will help make your switch smooth and convenient.

Thermostats in Reno, NV

How Do Home Thermostats Work?

Each thermostat consists of two parts: a bi-metal strip and a circuit board. The bi-metal strip works like an electrical switch with two positions — open or closed.

When open, electricity flows easily through the metal strip allowing the thermostat to sense the temperature. When the thermostat’s set point is reached, the bi-metal strip moves to close off the electrical current stopping the flow of electricity and telling your furnace or A/C unit it’s time to turn off.

The circuit board, on the contrary, is what sends signals to your heating or cooling system. Depending on how many wires are attached — thermostats have between 3 and 5 connections — they will send different commands.

For example, connecting a thermostat wire with one end open means that it can only control one zone of your HVAC system; two closed connections give it the ability to control two zones; three closed connections allow for central air conditioning or humidifier wiring possibilities; and four or five closed connections give thermostats the ability to control heating, cooling, humidity, and central air.

Types of Thermostats

Thermostats come in different types. The following are some of the most popular choices:


WiFi-enabled thermostats can cost you an arm or a leg, but they can raise the level of your home comfort. Once synced with your mobile devices, you can turn your air conditioning or heating unit on and off even when you’re away from home.

That’s not all! They can alert you whenever the air filter is clogged or the coil has an excess buildup of dirt, so any early warning sign of a problem is detected and addressed before it gets extensive.


These thermostats have also been gaining massive popularity in the U.S. because they feature automatic setting changes. Whether you’re at home or in the office, you can be sure that the temperature in your living space is at your desired level, leading to significant energy savings.


If you’re not that techy, the standard thermostat would be perfect. Because of their simplicity, standard thermostats are designed to raise or lower their temperature settings efficiently.  They can also switch between heat and cool without any trouble.

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