Dependable Air Conditioner Repair Service in Sparks, NV

We can’t stop your air conditioning unit from breaking down, but we can fix any repair issues.

Lincoln Heating & Air has been repairing air conditioners of all sizes in and Sparks for more than two decades already. Whether your unit is no longer blowing cold air or there’s a refrigerant leak, we can provide an immediate and reliable repair, taking your comfort to the next level.

Your time also matters to us, so you can contact us whenever your air conditioning appliance stops and we will respond to your queries and other concerns immediately.

A/C Repair in Sparks, NV

For over 25 years, Lincoln Heating & Air have experienced and handled any type of air conditioner repair in Sparks, NV. From a frozen evaporator coil, electric control failure, water leak to a sensor problem, our technicians are always ready for the worst-case scenario.

We also take great pride in our advanced tools and equipment, helping us streamline the inspection as well as the repair. Therefore, quick completion is what sets us apart from the rest.