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When Should You Call for Emergency AC Repair?

Verdi, NV, residents know how hot it gets during summer, and they rely on their air conditioners for comfort. However, sometimes, the air conditioner isn’t performing, and it’s challenging to know when you should call for emergency repairs.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Call a technician for immediate assistance if your air conditioner breaks down during extremely high temperatures (above 90 degrees).
  • If you have young children, elderly adults, or immune-compromised people in the home who may be sensitive to extreme heat, don’t wait and call for emergency repair.
  • If the air conditioner leaks fluid, it could cause water damage if you don’t fix it promptly.
  • If the air conditioner causes electrical issues, like tripped breakers or dimming lights when it’s running, shut it off and call a technician as soon as possible.