AC Keeps Running After Temp is Reached? Here’s Why


Is your AC still running even after reaching your desired temperature? Before you start to panic, there are a few reasons why this may be happening. Here, we will discuss the common reasons why your AC keeps running and what you can do to fix it.

At Lincoln Heating & Air, we have a team of highly trained technicians who specialize in AC repair. We understand the frustration that comes with a constantly running AC, especially when it’s not necessary. Let’s explore some possible causes for this issue and how our experts can assist you.

Common Reasons Why Your AC Keeps Running After Reaching Set Temperature

There are several common reasons why your air conditioner keeps running even after reaching the set temperature. Below are some of the most likely culprits:

Inaccurate Temperature Setting

It may appear that your air conditioner constantly runs when only the system fan is on. Selecting the ON fan setting at the thermostat powers the blower motor and fan continuously instead of only when the cooling system cycles.

Faulty temperature sensors in the thermostat can also cause inaccuracies in gauging the room temperature, resulting in extended cooling cycles. Be sure to read or consult the user manual for your thermostat to ensure it is properly calibrated.

Incorrect AC Sizing

If your AC unit is undersized for your space, it may struggle to cool the area effectively, resulting in prolonged cooling cycles. On the other hand, if your AC is oversized, it may quickly reach the desired temperature but cause short cycling, leading to excessive wear and increased energy consumption.

Our team at Lincoln Heating & Air can help you determine if your AC unit is properly sized for your space and make any necessary adjustments.

Clogged Air Filter

A clogged filter can cause your air conditioner to work harder and run for longer periods of time. When dirt and pollutants accumulate on the air filter, it restricts air flow and reduces the cooling capacity of your AC. Failing to clean or change the air filter regularly can lead to decreased airflow, causing your AC to run continuously.

Debris like grass clippings can also clog the outdoor unit air filter, hindering proper airflow and resulting in non-stop operation. Moreover, a clogged air filter can even lead to frozen evaporator coils, further extending the cooling cycle of your AC.

Ductwork Leaks

Leaky ductwork allows cool air to escape before reaching the desired areas, causing the AC to run longer. Poorly sealed duct joints or damaged ducts can result in air leakage, making your air conditioner work harder and stay on continuously.

Inadequate insulation on the ducts can cause temperature fluctuations, forcing your AC to run excessively to compensate. Sealing ductwork leaks with professional duct tape or mastic can help improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system and prevent continuous operation.

Dirty Condenser and Evaporator Coils

Just like the evaporator coils on the inside, the condenser coils on your outdoor unit also need to be cleaned, possibly even more so since they are exposed to the elements. The flow of air can be impeded by dirt and debris from the air, but also from accumulated leaves or even animal or insect nests.

A good maintenance practice is to regularly clean the condenser coils to ensure that airflow is not restricted. Moreover, a layer of grime on the fan blades can also lead to a frozen evaporator coil, so again you may just need a good cleaning.

Low Levels of Refrigerant

Gradual leaks in the system result in a decrease in refrigerant levels over time, leading to prolonged cooling cycles. When the refrigerant charge is low, the evaporator coil and condenser coil may not cool enough air, causing the AC to run continuously.

This puts extra stress on the compressor, resulting in increased energy consumption. To ensure optimal performance, it’s crucial to have a professional technician identify and repair any refrigerant leaks in your HVAC system.

Benefits of Our Professional AC Services

Residential HVAC Services by Lincoln Heating & Air

When you let our professionals at Lincoln Heating & Air take care of your air conditioning unit, you can rest assured that we will address any issues that may be causing your AC to run continuously. Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy:

Emergency AC Repairs

Our emergency AC repairs are available round-the-clock to promptly address any issues leading to the continuous operation of your air conditioner.

Rely on our skilled technicians, who can quickly diagnose and fix thermostat problems that may be causing your AC to keep running. With the necessary tools and expertise, we can identify and repair any AC issues that contribute to constant operation.

Comprehensive AC Maintenance Services

Our team offers comprehensive AC maintenance services that encompass thorough inspections to identify and resolve any issues leading to continuous AC operation. We ensure accurate refrigerant levels, check for leaks in the system, clean and replace a dirty air filter, and perform any necessary repairs or adjustments.

By regularly maintaining your AC system, you can prevent issues that lead to continuous operation and ensure its efficiency.

Dependable AC Replacement and Installations

Count on our professionals for dependable AC replacements and installations, ensuring proper sizing of the new unit to avoid prolonged cooling cycles. Our experienced technicians will recommend the most suitable AC system for your space, preventing complications that could lead to continuous operation.

We prioritize proper installation techniques to ensure optimal performance and prevent issues that may cause your AC to run longer than necessary. With our expertise, we can help you select an energy-efficient AC system that minimizes the risk of excessive cooling cycles.

Our Financing Options

At Lincoln Heating & Air, we have partnered Synchrony Financing to offer our customers flexible and convenient options to pay for your new system. With financing from Synchrony, you can have the new HVAC system you need without breaking the bank.

By opting for our financing options, you can enjoy the benefits of a new AC system while spreading out the cost over time. This allows you to maintain comfort in your home without the worry of straining your budget.

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When it comes to AC services, you can count on Lincoln Heating & Air for top-quality assistance. Our experienced and certified technicians are ready to handle all your AC service needs. Whether you require repairs, maintenance, or installation, our team is prompt and reliable, ensuring that your AC runs efficiently.

Don’t hesitate to contact Lincoln Heating & Air for comprehensive AC services that will keep your home at a comfortable temperature.