Carson City, NV, Emergency Furnace Repair

If your furnace fails when the temperature dips below freezing, who can you call to fix it? Lincoln Heating & Air is ready to help with 24/7 emergency repairs. Contact us at (775) 359-1985.

Lincoln Heating & Air knows how stressful and dangerous it is to be without heat during the winter in Carson City, NV. That’s why we offer day or night emergency heater repair. Our technicians are expertly trained and certified, so you can trust their work to be fast and accurate.

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Common Heater Emergencies

Losing heat during winter isn’t fun, and it can be especially dangerous if you have young children or elderly adults in the house. Moreover, without heat, you’re at risk of frozen pipes that could lead to bursts.

Here are the most common heating emergencies when you should call for immediate help in Carson City, NV.

  • Broken Thermostat: If the heater stops working, check the thermostat to ensure it has fresh batteries. If replacing them doesn’t work, call an HVAC technician as soon as possible.
  • Ignition Problems: If you have a gas furnace, you may be without heat if the igniter fails. Because the igniter experiences wear and tear, it’s often one of the first furnace components to break.
  • Electrical Issues: Heaters and furnaces require electricity to work. However, if you notice a persistent burning electrical odor, shut the power off and call for help.
  • Gas Leaks: Fortunately, gas leaks are uncommon, but when they happen, they require immediate attention. If you smell gas, leave the house and call a furnace service company immediately.

Don’t take chances with furnace or heater malfunctions; call the experts at Lincoln Heating & Air and be safe.